Your journey with Jesal Savania Endodontics

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service to ensure that your journey with us is enjoyable.

Free Consultation

Attend your free consultation, we will assess the tooth causing you problems, take some relevant x-rays, establish a diagnosis and form a treatment plan for the tooth.

All necessary risks will be explained and costs for the treatment will be provided.

Book In for Treatment

After the consultation, if you are happy with the treatment plan and everything explained, you will be guided to our lovely reception team to book in for root canal therapy, and given a date for the treatment.

Most root canal treatments are completed in one appointment, but on occasion we may need to schedule more than this; we will discuss this at the consultation. 

Arrive for Root Canal Therapy

You will arrive for your appointments and be greeted by our experienced reception team. We will call you in to start treatment, starting by anaesthetising the tooth before placing a rubber sheet over the tooth to keep it dry and isolated.

We will then perform root canal therapy to remove any dental nerve tissue and bacteria to the best of our ability. 

We will take a few x-rays during the procedure.

Seal the Tooth

Once we are happy that the tooth has been disinfected to the best of our ability, we will fill the root canals followed by a permanent filling in the tooth. We then may adjust your bite so that the tooth doesn't have too much force placed onto it.

We will then refer you back to your dentist and, if recommended, we will ask your dentist to place a cap or crown over the tooth.

Review the Tooth

Usually after two months, we would ask you to see your dentist to review the tooth.

If we have recommended a cap or crown over the tooth, your dentist will suggest appointments to complete this.

The cap or crown is designed to stop the tooth from breaking, and also to provide a good seal around the tooth to reduce the chance of infection returning long-term.

Monitor the Tooth Every 6 Months

We would like to see you every six months to monitor the tooth and the healing of the root canals.

There is no charge for these reviews.